Add-on development utilities

Useful tools to kick-start your add-on development.

While setting-up a new add-on is not complicated, it can get tedious adding the required folder and file structure. To help speed up the process, there are a couple of great resources for easy package creation: is an online add-on skeleton maker that allows you to rapidly create the folders and files for a variety of add-on types. Simply fill in the add-on details and download the skeleton code as an archive, ready to install and start using. was developed in-house by EllisLab developers.

An alternative is Bjorn Borresen’s DevKit for EE2.0 module. DevKit runs within your EE installation and can create and install your desired skeleton module for you. Although it only creates modules (not plugins or extensions etc), it does have the advantage that you can modify the skeleton templates to suit your own requirements/style.


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