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Mijingo releases Building an ExpressionEngine Add-on screencast

Mijingo have released a new training video called “Building an ExpressionEngine Add-on” by Lodewijk “Low” Schutte.

In more than one hour of video, Low walks you through step-by-step how the best practices for building an ExpressionEngine add-on. Take a seat next to one of the best EE add-on developers and learn directly from him.

In the video Low will teach you how to plan, code, and optimize your add-on.

The video can be purchased from the Mijingo site for $24.


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Low’s “So, you wanna build an add-on…” talk on SlideShare

Lodewijk Schutte has posted his So, you wanna build an add-on… talk from EECI 2012 on SlideShare.

Low is one of the best EE developers (and conference speakers) and the slides gives a great insight into how he plans and builds his add-ons.

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EECI 2012 round-up

The EECI conference produced a few notable items, especially with its new Developer Track running alongside the main conference talks.

EE Insider has (as usual) done a great job of rounding-up some of the talks. Here are some of the main add-on related ones:

Lodewijk Schutte also ran a “So, you wanna build an add-on…” talk and announced that he will soon be releasing an add-on development screencast with Mijingo.


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The website is a great starting point for building your own add-on.

The source code (built using a Python-based web server, Tornado) is available on github:

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How to build a fieldtype by Robin Sowell

EllisLab’s Robin Sowell walks you through the creation of a new fieldtype:

Building an ExpressionEngine Fieldtype

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