ExpressionEngine add-ons

2nd March, 2019 in #Plugins, #Extensions, #Modules, #Fieldtypes

ExpressionEngine (versions 3 and above) has 4 types of add-on and the differences between them can be confusing at first.

The original three types - available since EE1 - are:

  • Plugins
  • Modules
  • Extensions

ExpressionEngine 2 introduced two new types:

  • Fieldtypes
  • Accessories

However, Accessories were removed in version 3.

Each type has a different level of complexity and their own areas of usage (although plugins and modules have some overlap).

(Technically, a further type of add-on - Expansions - also existed. An example of this was the Multi Site Manager. We won’t be considering these an add-on type here).

I’ll introduce each type of add-on separately.